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Prepare to be serenaded by the ethereal melodies and heartwarming lyrics of Amber Westerman's debut EP "Love Is Here," released on August 4th, 2023.


The EP features a collection of heartfelt, self-help themed tracks that are sure to resonate with listeners and offer a sense of comfort and solace in today's chaotic world. With a beachy, soulful, and soothing style, Westerman's dedication to her art and her passion for spreading positivity and healing through music shines through in every track of "Love Is Here." The EP's unique pop/folk sound takes listeners on a journey through presence, self-reflection, and empowerment.

As an independent artist, Amber Westerman took a bold step by crowdfunding her debut EP "Love Is Here," showcasing her strong connection with her ever-growing fan base, who came together to bring this musical endeavor to life. With their unwavering belief in her talent and message, they have enabled her to create an extraordinary work of art that promises to touch the lives of many. When asked about the inspiration 

Photography credit: Kirk Summers

behind the EP's title, Westerman shared:


"I chose to name this EP 'Love Is Here' because I believe that love is the ultimate gift we've been given, the one thing we will always have access to. It's always available to help us heal from moment to moment, but we have to be willing to surrender, and trust that it is there in the times of fog where it's hard to see; we have to be willing to look for it ourselves."

"Love Is Here" is not just a collection of songs; it is a musical embrace, offering support to those who seek a moment of peace amid life's challenges. So, immerse yourself in the heartfelt melodies and wisdom woven into each track, and embark on a journey through the abundance of love. The EP is available for purchase on CD through her website, and is available on all major digital music platforms. It is comprised of eight total tracks. Five of the tracks are the new crowdfunded songs, two of which were released prior to the EP as singles: "What If?" and "I'll Always Be Your Friend." All of the songs on the EP were produced, mixed, and mastered by Sean Rogers; Instruments by Baggio and Sean Rogers; Photography by Kirk Summers. 


Amber Westerman is a pop/folk artist with a soothing beachy style. With her pure and tranquil voice, Westerman’s music and lyrics open your heart, refresh your mind, and touch your soul. As an artist, she dreams of making the world a better place through creating music that impacts the wellbeing of others. Westerman is originally from Marble Falls, TX, but began her career as a singer-songwriter shortly after moving to the Big Island of Hawai’i in 2016. In January 2019, she moved to Nashville, TN. After seven years of pursuing her music career, she is proud to have now released several studio recorded singles and a crowdfunded EP. Winning the “Entertainer of the Year” award at a Talent Expo in June of 2022 was a career milestone for the singer/songwriter after placing to perform in the events final showcase with her song “Easy With You.”

Reviews from fans:


"I had the honor to hear Amber sing and was blown away with her angelic voice and beautiful lyrics!"

"She's a Beautiful light to us all.

Ambers voice and music moves through me like no other."

"Mindful musician with a soulful voice. Rock on, Amber."

Photography credit: Kirk Summers, HMU: Misty Rogers
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