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Press and Reviews

Press and Reviews


"From her small town upbringing to her new home in Nashville, Amber Westerman has entered the national music scene with kindness, style and grace."
"Amber Wes
terman's voice blossoms in every note and leaves a feeling of warmth."
- Roadie Music Blog
“Positive vibe with very catchy music and vocal that will hook you in instantly with the song. Guitar themes, smooth groove, wonderful vocal is all you need to enjoy this song with a smile on your face
with every note played. ” 
"Easy With You by Amber Westerman bestows upon its public the engulfing summit of a love so deep that calms you even when apart."
- Blue Rhymez Entertainment
"The lyrics are heartfelt, and you can feel the emotion behind them. This makes the song so powerful..." - Louis, Lefuturewave Blog 
"I am really enjoying the tone of Amber Westerman's warm vocals which beautifully convey the emotion of her relatable storytelling... Accompanying the release, Amber Westerman has shared a lovely homemade music video that effortlessly embodies the song's warmth and emotional atmosphere." - Ceasar LiveNLoud Blog 
"It’s the kind of song that leaves its heart on its sleeve... Westerman gives herself plenty of space to showcase her soft, easy-going vocals that cascade like gentle waves on the shore of a beach."
"It is her first release and honestly, I asked her to keep on producing.
It is a funny, sunny, love song that will make you hit the repeat button to listen to it again." - Barbara Fava
Pg. 3 "In perhaps the most emotional moment of the festival, songstress and guitarist Amber Westerman delighted us with her original music. At the end of her last song she asked those present to join her in a prayer of meditation. “Close your eyes, with the thought of peace in your hearts, for a full minute of complete silence.” During that minute, the breeze could be heard singing through the tree branches, as the wild birds announced, “Peace.”

Reviews From Fans

​"Amber is the epitome of authenticity.
She is an honest loving spirit in this world!"

"I had the honor to hear Amber sing and was blown away with her angelic voice and beautiful lyrics!"

"She's a Beautiful light to the us all. Ambers voice and music moves through me like no other."

"Mindful musician with a soulful voice. Rock on, Amber."

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