Short Bio

      With her pure and tranquil voice, Amber Westerman’s music and lyrics open your heart, refresh your mind, and touch your soul.  As an artist, she aspires to bring awareness to the heart, inspiring listeners to take actions in their own lives from a heart centered space. Amber's songs carry messages of love, self empowerment, and conscious living through her captivating, and soothing pop-folk style.  Amber is originally from the heart of central Texas, and currently resides in Nashville, TN.  She began her career as a singer-songwriter shortly after moving to the Big Island of Hawai’i in 2016.  While there, she found herself spending time working with the land, becoming deeply inspired to share her process of overcoming inner struggles through music.  Amber has since shared the stage with many artists including Mishka, Buckman Coe, and Caleb Hart.

Long Bio

     Amber picked up her first guitar at age 17 in her hometown of Marble Falls, TX where she discovered a new love for the instrument. She began her journey playing music for friends and family, sharing songs that moved her through her soul. Amber always felt that music helped her work through emotions that she never knew how to release on her own. She only dreamt of being able to do the same for those around her, realizing the healing powers of musical expression. Some of her musical inspirations include Jason Mraz, Colbie Caillat, Jack Johnson, The Staves, Jillian Edwards, Christina Perri, Ingrid Michaelson, Nahko & Medicine for the People, Trevor Hall, and Elephant Revival. 

     At age 24, Amber moved to Fairfield, Iowa, to pursue a passion for nutrition and sustainable living at the Maharishi University of Management, where she found herself surrounded by many talented musicians and artists.  Inspired to dive deeper into her own creative abilities, she began performing at open mics and collaborating with the other university students. She wrote her first song as she was preparing to leave Iowa for a four-month university program on The Big Island of Hawai'i.

     Touched by her experiences with the program, Amber grounded herself on the Big Island working on a small organic farm.  With support from the community, she began her career as a flourishing singer-songwriter, showcasing her music at local venues.  For over two years, she performed at various venues around the Big Island; be it solo or sharing space with other musicians.  Amber has since shared the stage with many artists including: Mishka, Buckman Coe, and Caleb Heart.  Nashville, TN became Amber's new home in January 2019, after being accepted into the songwriting program at Belmont University. On May 15th, 2020 she released her very first single, 'Your Homebody.' This song invites listeners into a laid back, vacation-like state of being. The lyrical content is about the bond between Amber and her boyfriend. Regarding 'Your Homebody,' she states: 

"The artist in me, I feel, was birthed while living on the Big Island of Hawai'i. The people and their Aloha Spirit imprinted my heart in such a deep and indescribable way.  For my first single, I felt it was important to put this imprint into a musical form to bring the listeners into the heart of Aloha.  The vision I held for this song was to transport the listeners into the musical gatherings I enjoyed taking part in, from beach side jams, to campfires, to kava bar shows.  A big part of bringing that into this song was with natural drums and percussion choices.  I didn't want a traditional drum kit on this track which made this song special and extra fun to record; percussionist Matthew Burgess came into the studio with a creatively put together drum kit built around a djembe.  This felt like the perfect fit because when I perform live, I often have my boyfriend, Philip Schechter, playing the djembe alongside of me.  Other talented musicians recorded on this track include: Baggio on background vocals, keys, and guitar, and Luis Espaillat on bass.  I wrote this song with my talented producer and engineer, Sean Rogers of Hey World Productions.  My hope is that this song brings a smile to your face, joy to your heart, and inspiration in your soul."

On May 13, 2021 Amber released a second single 'Level Head,' a collaboration between Amber and Big Islands singer/songwriter/rapper Higgs. The two met at the Hawai'i Songwriting Festival in 2018 and were a part of the Big Island Songwriting Group, a small community of composers/musicians. It was during one of the group’s 2020 weekly online meetups that the seed was planted for this collaboration. Amber stated that this song was originally inspired by the many inner battles she was having around comparing herself to all the hustle of the music business since moving to Nashville. During their Zoom writing sessions the two dug into what success means to them, and what their motivations are as artists. 'Level Head' takes you on a relaxed journey through these conversations of finding balance, and staying grounded while walking a path in music professionally.