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Photography credit: CB Photography, Chandler Elliott

Prepare yourself to sit back and relax when you turn on Amber’s new single, “Sunflowers.”  It’s a soft and calming tune that will allow you to disconnect from the chaos of life for a moment, and tune in to your dream world. The song might even bring a tear to your eye, after hearing the story behind it being released as a tribute to her grandfather.

Back in 2019, Amber wrote “Sunflowers” with her friend Scott Buchholz at the Hawai’i Songwriting Festival.  Originally written about chasing dreams, she had no idea that a few years later, the song would be held by such depth in her heart, with an entirely new meaning, like it does today.

Earlier this year, Amber lost a very special person in her life: her grandfather Bobby Northcutt. He was a lifelong inspiration to her, being the talented multi-instrumentalist and singer-songwriter that he was. Amber likes to say, “he was like the Elvis of our family.” As a young girl, Amber remembers him always being in his home studio working on music. He even recorded her a homemade CD of him playing and tiny Amber singing over it. From the day Amber began pursuing a professional career in music, he was in full support of it and always encouraging her to chase her dreams.

Two weeks before the passing of Bobby Northcutt, Amber flew to Texas to visit him in the hospital. She knew how much he adored her songs, so she brought her guitar and played for him. The last song she played that day was 

“Sunflowers.”  Immediately after she finished the song, he looked up at her and said, “Is that song about going to heaven?” She tried to hold back the tears as the words broke her heart hearing him say them.  Now that he has moved on, Amber says:


“As hard as it is to lose him, I am grateful that he is out of pain and in a better place.  He created an entirely new meaning to “Sunflowers” for me, so I decided to record and release this song as a tribute to him.  When I sing it, I feel like the lyrics are him speaking to me, continuing to encourage me. It makes me feel so special to have him with me, guiding my every step of the way.  I feel his support now more than ever before with my music pursuits. I feel him every moment I am creating or performing my music, and I feel so lucky for that.”


Amber released “Sunflowers” on all streaming platforms on Friday, November 4th, 2022. This song was produced, mixed, and mastered by Sean Rogers; instruments by Baggio; harmonies by Scott Buchholz; photography by Chandler Elliot with CB Photography.


With her pure and tranquil voice, Amber Westerman’s music and lyrics open your heart, refresh your mind, and touch your soul.  Amber is originally from Marble Falls, Texas, and currently resides in Nashville, TN.  She began her career as a singer-songwriter shortly after moving to the Big Island of Hawai’i in 2016.  While there, she found herself spending time working with the land, becoming deeply inspired to share her process of overcoming inner struggles through music.  Amber has since shared the stage with many artists including Mishka, and Buckman Coe.  As an artist, she aspires to bring awareness to the heart, inspiring listeners to take actions in their own lives from a heart centered space. Amber's songs carry messages of love, self empowerment, and conscious living through her captivating, and soothing pop-folk style.

Reviews from fans:


"I had the honor to hear Amber sing and was blown away with her angelic voice and beautiful lyrics!"

"She's a Beautiful light to the us all.

Ambers voice and music moves through me like no other."

Photography credit: CB Photography, Chandler Elliott
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