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Prepare to be serenaded by the ethereal melodies and heartwarming lyrics of Amber Westerman's debut crowdfunded EP "Love Is Here," released on August 4th, 2023.


The EP features a collection of heartfelt, self-help themed tracks that are sure to resonate with listeners and offer a sense of comfort and solace in today's chaotic world. With a beachy, soulful, and soothing style, Westerman's dedication to her art and her passion for spreading positivity and healing through music shines through in every track of "Love Is Here." The EP's unique pop/folk sound takes listeners on a journey through presence, self-reflection, and empowerment.


The first five tracks are the new crowdfunded songs, two of which were released prior to the EP as singles: "What If?" and "I'll Always Be Your Friend." The last three songs are bonus track of previously released singles. All of the songs on the EP were produced, mixed, and mastered by Sean Rogers; Instruments by Baggio and Sean Rogers; Photography by Kirk Summers. 



Love Is Here CD

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